Let's Run!

Our long run for Saturday, October 24 is back at the Brookside tennis courts with a 6:30 AM start. We will be set up for 20 miles. Those of you recovering from your half, your goal distance is 4-6 miles at an easy pace.

NY, Kansas Half, Gobbler and NC Outerbanks you are starting or in a taper! Easy does it. You can pepper in a few fartleks or pick-ups.

Pilgrim Pacer, Richmond and Longview racers, this is your last long one - make it count! Your goal is to run the middle 50% of your run at goal pace and minimize your time at aid stations.

JJ and Tyler...it's time! You've trained consistently all season, rarely missing a run whether it was speed work or a long one. JJ, you've treated that calf well. Trust your training and and all your efforts. They will be with you on race day. We will thinking of you on Sunday as you bust it out at the Haunted Hustle. We expect pictures!