Put your Best Foot Forward

JJ and Amy Sporting a Post Speedwork Glow
Did you feel your glutes on Wednesday? If you did our interval strength session Tuesday night, I bet you did! There is a reason for that. Your glutes will help you put you best foot forward when you run. I'm not referring to right foot v.s. left. Running is essentially falling forward and with the added stability your glutes provide, you can advance forward with more power. That is why our work out included all those fun drills before and between each speed bout.

There is no sugar coating it...speed work is hard, but the benefits far out weigh the discomfort. You will notice an immediate difference in your power and speed during long runs. It may seem counterintuitive - how can running short distance fast make me faster at running long distances? It's explanation is the miracle of science.

You are not just training your muscles, but also your brain. Recovery between intervals allows us to run multiple bouts faster than we could if we didn't stop and reover. Meanwhile we are tricking our brain into learning to move the body quickly and more efficiently. Fortunately this transfers over when we run long.

To put your best foot forward, join us for speed work sessions on Tuesday nights and share in our post work out glow (and soreness)!