Go the Distance this Summer

PB's fall session starts August 16th! Don't get caught off gaurd. For early fall races, you need be building base mileage this summer. Those training for the Chicago and Kansas City marathons should be ready for a 16-mile long run. Those training for the Virginia and Pilgrim Pacer fulls should be ready for a 14-mile long run. This means that KC runners will need to pull some 12 and 14 milers in July and the VA runners some 12 milers. We recommend coming early to 10-mile free summer runs to get in a few before hand.

Those training for fall half marathons should be ready to kick it up a notch on the 16th. Newbies to half marathoning should be quite comfortable running 4-5 miles and be ready for  a 6 mile run. Intermediate runners should be ready for an 8 miler.

For more information on PB's FREE summer runs. Click here.