Good Luck Marc and Dan!

The 118th running of the Boston marathon is Monday and Marc and Dan are racing, one as a qualifier and one who has raised over $5,000 for Lazarus House charity. Thanks to those who donated! Marc was featured in Saturday's KC Star in an article covering the upcoming race. To see the article, go HERE.

Towards the end of mile twelve of my first Boston marathon, my running partner, Greg, said, "Amy, do you hear that?" A faint high pitched roar could be heard. This, I knew from Greg's stories about Boston, was the scream tunnel created by the girls of Wellesley College. Since the first race in 1897, the women of Wellesley College have stood screaming at the top of their lungs in support of the athletes. They enthusiastically wave signs that read, "Kiss me I'm ____" with some redeaming feature filled into the blank. Greg kissed two!

Some of the signs are created by hand and personalized for individual runners. In order to have a personalized sign you have to have "connections" and as fate would have it, one of our PB family, Amanda, is an alumnus of Wellesley College and she requested two signs be created for Marc and Dan.

We are so proud of both of our runners and wish them a safe and successful finish.