Congrats Team Sparkle 2014

"This isn't the first time beer has spilled in the Martin van." Umm..yes it is!
Team Sparkle ran their third consecutive Brew to Brew race last Sunday clad in purple sparkle skirts, tank tops and a new Sparkle baton created by Erica. Sherise's Tanner was inaugerated as the Best Driver and Horn Honker Ever and earned a special place in our running hearts for not only getting us to our transition spots but also to our cheer/water stops in between.
The weather was perfect for running and maybe a little cool for cheering, but Fireball whisky and double chococolate brews helped us along the way.
Greg with a Twizzler Straw? 
Sherise, Erica, Greg and Amy with unusually large shots of fireball.
Marc kept a close eye on our splits and pushed us to perform our best. But that didn't stop him from being silly.
That is a REALLY short skirt, Marc!
Marc on the Tracks
The Brew to Brew race makes for a long day, but its worth it! In the All Male and Mixed Team Category, Team Sparkle placed 111 out of 312 with a 6:12 adjusted time. 
Team Sparkle 2014: Marc, Greg, Erica, Coach Amy, Mo and Sherise