PB UPdate

Mom to be with Camilla at PB Breakfast
Erica, Steve, Amy, Allison with baby boy Stoppel and Michelle
We had another great Brookside run this weekend. We have one more lined up next weekend. Start time 6:30 AM. We are planning on 22 miles, but this is subject to change. Several of our full marathon runners are not able to run with us next weekend. Please RSVP with your planned distance by Wednesday night so we can adjust the course as needed. This saves our volunteers from flagging and putting out stops that no one will use. RSVP kcrunning@hotmail.com.

Thanks to those who wore their crazy socks this morning. If you felt left out because you didn't have a pair, now is the time to get some. There are several styles on line and I've seen them at Dick's. We will repeat this run every season. Let's get more socks running the streets of Brookside!

Brew to Brew is next Sunday. Good luck to the PB's Team Sparkle. Representing the team this year is Mo, Sherise, Erica, Greg, Coach Amy and Marc. Go Team Sparkle!

Tuesday night speed work has changed. We will not be running hills. Instead, we will meet at Roe Park at 6:00 PM for our Interval Circuit. More about this later!