Enjoy a Snow Run

Let it SNOW!

The forecast calls for snow and more snow, but a snowy day doesn't necessitate an indoor run. The most peaceful run I've ever experienced was a snow run along the Indian Creek Trail - it was just me, the snow and the occasional woodland creature. My footprints were the first to leave a mark. The only sounds were those of the forest and the crunch of my shoes. The reflection of the light created a surreal winter wonderland.

If conditions are icy and footing is dangerous, then it's best to opt out or run indoors. But not all snow is slippery. If you can get decent traction, it's a shame to miss a good run in the white stuff. Yak Trax can help with traction, but are not necessary. To safely run in the snow:
  • Slow your pace
  • Shorten your stride
  • Decrease your planned distance 

Happy Snow Running!