What is YOUR Goal this Week?

Take some time to reflect on your running goals this week. You should have a solid training plan to meet your spring running goals. If you haven't already:
  1. Read through the PB member packet and make sure you understand the training principles. Please contact Coach Amy if you have not received the members password or the packet.
  2. Choose your training plan and check that you are on target with total weekly mileage and long run distance. If not get in touch with Coach Amy right away for modifications to your plan. 
  3. If you've chosen a race or training plan that does not line up well with the PB long run schedule, contact Coach Amy. She can modify your plan to fit! 
  4. Schedule a free 15 minute screening with Coach Amy. This quick screen will help identify stability of mobility deficits that could impact your success or cause injury. Also available is a lean muscle mass assessment.
  5. Choose your cross training and strengthening activities. We recommend Coach Amy's strength classes held Wednesday nights, Friday mornings and Sunday nights.
Contact Coach Amy HERE

This week, we continue to build base mileage. Our long run this Saturday starts from Foos. We will be set up for 12 miles. Run starts at 7:00 a.m. If inclement weather is forecast, remember to check the website one hour before our planned run for updates. You can also receive instant updates via Twitter @personalbestkc.