Long Run Details January 11th

Break out of your winter hibernation!
Shake out those dusty running tights and neck gators and get ready for the first run of PB's Spring 2014 session. We will meet at Sport+Spine. Course will be set up for 10 miles.

6:30 a.m. - new member orientation
7:00 a.m. - start time

Currently the weather forecast for our run calls for a balmy 30-40 degrees, but could change. Please remember that if the effective temperature is below zero degrees or course conditions are unsafe, we will cancel the run. Be sure to check the website one hour before the scehduled run or follow us on Twitter @personalbestkc for last minute updates.

To minimize delays at the first run, please register and submit your membership application prior to the run. A signed membership application is required prior to participation. PB now accepts payment through Paypal.  Register here.