Spring into Speed Work with PB 2014

Speed work starts a few weeks into the session after a base level of fitness is built. All levels of runners will benefit. Speed training improves running economy and fatigue resistance and raises anaerobic threshold and maximal running velocity.

Speed work sessions are a great time to get 1:1 time with Coach Amy and running form advice. After a mile warm-up, Coach Amy leads runners in plyometric drills. Speed work is concluded with a mile cool down. Water is provided, but runners are encouraged to bring their own sports drink if needed.

Successful speed training depends upon variety and may include:
  • Intervals at lactate threshold
  • Hill repeats and drills
  • Barefoot running drills
  • Running specific circuit training
  • Supersets
Membership in PB Fall 2014 includes twelve speed sessions. We will meet Tuesday evenings. Sessions begin Aug. 19th and conclude on Nov. 4th. Speed sessions meet at Roe Park at 103rd and Nall with the exception of hill work which starts at the SW corner of Indian Creek Dr. and Nall. Refer to your PB member packet for more information.