Run Specific Strengthening Increases Speed/Prevents Injury

Running specific strength training involves coordination, balance and strength with gait mimicking maneuvers.

  • Improves run economy
  • Increases resistance to fatigue
  • Increases speed by increasing propulsive force in stance phase of gait 
  • Increases speed by decreasing contact time with the ground 
  • Helps prevent injury

Run specific strength training must start with general all-body functional strengthening and it should precede and than coincide with hill training and speed work. That means in order to be ready for the spring 2014 race season, you should begin strengthening at the first of the year!

Coach Amy's Sunday strength class beginning January 5th will emphasize general all body functional strength and properly progress to run specific training over the course of the spring. Class is held at Sport+Spine 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Sundays. In late spring, start time will change to a later hour TBD. For questions, contact Coach Amy at

Drop in classes are $15.00
5 class package is $65.00
10 class package is $120.00

Private performance packages with Amy are also available weekdays. Consider your lunch hour! Please call Sport+Spine for pricing and scheduling.