Training Schedules are UP!

Fall 2013 long run and speed work training schedules are UP. Training schedules are available to members only. The password for this season was sent to all who registered and can be found on the Welcome Page of the PB packet. Packet pick-up is this Saturday, August 3rd at 8:30 a.m. at Sport+Spine.

Be sure to read the Explanation of Schedules before you choose a schedule.

Please contact Coach Amy for a modification in schedule if:
  • you are not running within 10% of the total weekly mileage or within 2 miles of the long run distance for the first week. This is crucial to avoiding injury.
  • you are not using a PB schedule and your long runs do not coordinate well with the long run schedule for the fall session.
  • there is a not a training schedule for your race. 

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