PB Podium

Congratulations to Mike C. and Greg on their completion of the Heartland Half Series this weekend at Running with the Cows. Mike reports a case of windburn from running so fast. He says, "I would have taken first place if either I had finished 100 minutes faster or if 1,200 other people had not shown up." Greg says, "Running is like sex. You can do it alone, but it's better with a buddy." Sounds like a t-shirt slogan to me! Mo never made it to the start line as he slept 4.5 hour past his alarm. Probably needed the rest after completing a full at Lincoln the weekend prior!

Also a big standing ovation to George and Lacy who continue to PR at every race. Their last jump in the 5K was at Corporate challenge with a 22:56 and 22:59 respectively. Whoosh! Great work all.

Next up: Several PBers are running the Corporate Challenge Half. Let us know if you are running it so we can keep our tabs on you! Good luck!