PB Podium

Melody Finishes her First Half at RTP 2013
Congratulations to all the RTP finishers last Saturday. Melody Redburn worked for a year to overcome a stubborn injuy to train for and finish her first half marathon. Bravo!

Allison Phillips won her age division (35-39) and PR'd with a 1:31:42. Tyler Wolf not only gained a fiance, but also PR'd with a 1:29:03. George Searle, Laura Lund and Lacy Shelton also pulled off PR's at RTP. Wow! Melissa Lesage didn't make it to RTP, but placed third in her age division at the Queen's Romp 5K.

Cris, Ethan, Mo and Greg finished in the 3:40's. Amanda + baby at 2:22. Lorena, Mike B. and Mike C also finished RTP. Stacie ran the 5K in 28:34 doing run/walk. Woohoo!

A Pregnant Amanda and proud daddy to be, Ethan at RTP
If we've left you off the podium or made a reporting error - its been know to happen - it certainly isn't because we don't love you and only because we not perfect. Simply let us know and we will correct it!