PB Couple Engaged

Tyler Proposes to JJ with a Ring Tied to her Timing Chip
Congratulations to Tyler and JJ on their recent engagment at RTP! 

While JJ was getting ready in the morning, Tyler secured a ring to her race chip with the twisty ties. JJ says, "I got dressed, laced up my shoes, walked all over the house, ran up and down the stairs several times. I never once noticed. It was a race day morning after all!"

Once in the car JJ checked her supplies. She reports, "That's when I noticed that my usually tidy twisty ties were all jacked up. I tried to smooth them out but there was something stuck in there. It was a ring! I was also thankful that I noticed the ring before I started the race, got into a porta-potty, or crossed the finish line!"

JJ shared her proposal with everyone along the course, "I had no problem flashing anyone and everyone the rock that was slowing me down."

The future Mrs. Wolf will let her PB family know as soon as a date for the big day is set.