Variety is the Spice of Running Life

Ever become a slave to that one running route? You know who you are...You could probably run it in your sleep. Truly! Your muscles know it by heart and you are probably quite good at it. It is important to run varied routes/courses to improve strength, avoid injury, mental burn out and adaptation. PB long run routes change every weekend to keep you body guessing and start locations move every two or three weekends to keep your mental status sane.

PB long run courses are out and back so you can run as far or as short as your schedule or body dictates that day! Course distance varies  from ten to twenty-two miles depending upon the training schedules.

PB's Spring 2013 session is COMING SOON and includes 18 long runs: Saturdays, Jan 26-May 25th. See membership packet for distances, start times and locations. Not yet a member? Join us! Click here for Spring 2013 supported races.

Long runs include:
  • Dynamic stretching led by Coach Amy 15 min. before run start
  • Aid stations every two miles (Powerade, water, food and other supplies)
  • Flagged and marked courses - never the same course twice
  • Printed maps
  • Start locations in and around KC
  • Friendly and supportive runners of all shapes, sizes and speeds