PB Update

Meet and Greet
Thanks for giving our newbies a warm welcome. We learned that Jami lived in Antarctica as an air traffic controller for the Navy, Marc is a veterinarian that once cared for Amy's grandma's dogs - that's a mouthful. Michelle lived in Germany, Laura is off to Cabo next weekend and Melissa recently visited Vietnam and Cambodia. George and Lacy are in it to win it - their goal this season is to run faster!

Saturday Long Run
This weekend we are on for 16 miles. Meet at Foos at 6:15 a.m. for dynamic stretching. Run starts at 6:30 a.m. Please stay tuned to the weather. Remember, if it the effective temperature is below 0 or conditions are too dangerous for running, we will cancel. Check the website Saturday morning and/or join us on Twitter for instant updates.

Next Wednesday
Save a bundle on shoes and enjoy a fun run at Metro Run and Learn Discount Night. Click here for details.

A Plug for Runner's 101
Sunday February 10th 6:45 p.m. after clas. This is a must for novice runners and recommended for ALL PB runners who haven't yet attended or need a refresher. Learn important principles of long distance training, injury prevention do's and do NOT's and more. It's a great opportunity to ask running related questions of Coach Amy. Bring it ON! RSVP at kcrunning@hotmail.com