PB Podium

Kevin, Allison P. and Pat
Woo Who!? Everyone is wondering how our PB runners did last weekend!

Last Saturday, Mike Beaven finished the challenging Northface Endurance Challenge marathon in 5:05:21. Cris and Stacie ran the half in 1:58:41and 1:58:45 respectively. Stacie, you gotta stop letting Cris win!

Last Sunday we had a group in Tulsa and one doin' the Grind close to home. Running fairly close together our speed demons finished the Tulsa marathon: Pat in 3:20, Allison P. in 3:23 and Kevin with his second best time in 3:34.

Running the trails of the Gobbler full were Ethan and Mo. Ethan PR'd with a 1:41:15 and Mo battled cramps to finish his second marathon ever and in a month. Stephanie came battling back from a difficult injury to finally run another half. She finished in 2:23! While Greg ran the first 3 miles of his half with Kaleb and Allison Stoppel and finished in 2 hours. This was Kaleb's first 5K!

Last weekend, Aaron ran the Turkey Trails 10K run in Independence in 42:20 and placed second in his age division. Rock Stars everyone!

If we've left you off the podium or made a reporting error - its been know to happen - it certainly isn't because we don't love you and only because we not perfect. Simply let us know and we will correct it!