PB Podium

Ethan, Michelle S., Doug, Amy S. Mo, Jeff, Cris, Stacie, Tyler, Amanda, Sherise, JJ and Dave. Not pictured: Lorena, Laura, Jen, Aaron, Ginger

What a great race weekend! KC provided perfect weather and a great band at the finish - thank you Pat and Rattle and Hum. Plus there were two incredible cheerleaders with the best signs on the course! Thank you Erica! All PB runners finished their races  and that is always an achievement in and of itself. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!

Marathon News: 
Tyler Wolf was the first PBer to finish the KC marathon with a time of 3:26:31 - Woosh! It didn't even look like he was breathing hard...Mo Fanty shocked Coach Amy and completed his FIRST full in 3:43:41 (his mom took second in her age group in the 5K by the way - now we know where he gets IT). Amy Stucky followed, breaking 4 hours after being sick for two weeks prior.

Aaron Garwood clad in tutu and braids helped Ginger finish her first full in 4:35:29 and Doug Stinson smashed his goal of breaking 5 hours with a 4:45:53! JJ had an amazing and emotional finish to her first marathon in 4:53 and had the help of PB runner, Michelle Scott along the way who finished just behind her.

Very far away and at a much higher elevation, Kendra completed the Duke City marathon in 3:27 and took sixth overall which was second in her age group!

Half Marathon News:
It ain't "just a half". It may not be a marathon, but its fast and furious! These folks did themselves proud: Cris lead our PBers in the half with a 1:53:40 finish and just three minutes behind him, Stacie finished with a 1:56. These two are Galloway successes! Lorena, surprised coach Amy and herself by breaking 2 hours with a strong 1:59:25.

Dave Rios (sorry I forgot to include you on the good luck list Dave!) finished with a 2 cool time: 2:02:02. Jen came back to visit us from her residency stint in Peoria to run with Dr. Jeff - they squeaked by with a 2 hour finish, but contest that the course is long by .1 miles - eek! Laura Lund, new to the PB family, finished her first half in 2:13:31 and Sherise, although she lost her timing chip, finished the KC half for the second year in a row with her dad after battling a nasty injury for months. And last but NOT least, our beloved Howie finished in 2:27.

Congrats to all our fabulous runners. Looking forward to NY, Tulsa, Vegas and Gobbler. Wohoo!

If we've left you off the podium or made a reporting error - its been know to happen - it certainly isn't because we don't love you and only because we not perfect. Simply let us know and we will correct it!