Fun Run Schedule 2012

Running is for FUN! At PB we take running seriously but we also believe running should be FUN and we know that many of you, no matter what your goals, enjoy the social aspect of running with a group. Take a look at our fun runs for Fall 2012:

Meet and Greet
- we start out every season with the Meet and Greet. Your mission on this long run is to make a new friend. Come back to home base with a name and at least one interesting morsel of information about your newest buddy. Saturday, August 4th - First Long Run!

Who am I? - A famous person's name will be pinned to your back. Spend your training run asking your running buddies yes or no questions to figure out who you are! Saturday, August 18th - scheduled long run.

Predicted Time Run - leave your time piece at home and predict your time for this long run. Closest guess receives a prize. Saturday, September 8th - scheduled long run.

Frighteningly Fit Costume Run - BOO! Scare your running partners or make them laugh as we celebrate Halloween running in costume through Brookside followed by sustenance at Brooksider Grill. We are considering Thursday evening October 25th OR Sunday evening, October 28th. If you plan to join us, send us your preferred date:

Run Lit - Run all lit up to celebrate the coming holidays Thursday, December 6th! This year we will meet at the Brookside tennis courts at 6:30 p.m. and run through Brookside and the plaza for an easy 3 mile jog. The course will not be flagged, but there will be maps. Bring your friends and be merry! We will eat and drink warm things or things that make you feel warm and fuzzy at the Brooksider after the run. Jingle all the way PB!