Building Summer Mileage Crucial for Early Fall Marathons

Don't Leave your Running Shoes Hangin' this Summer
Summer is here! Start planning for your fall races. Look at the chart below for long run distance and total weekly mileage (TWM) goals for various fall races. This is where you should be the week prior to the start of the fall program on August 4th. Need a group to run with? PB is offering FREE summer runs June-July. Click here for details.

Following recovery from your spring races, it is important to begin your base building gradually over the summer months particularly if you are planning for an early fall race like Chicago or Kansas City. I've had runners show up at the beginning of the fall season without a proper base and while there is some flexibility with training schedules and goals, sadly there is no way to safely make up too much lost mileage.

Base building refers to your total weekly mileage and your long run distance. The most common cause of running injuries result from training errors, one of which is "too much too soon" and it is easily prevented with the use of good training principles. Increases in TWM should not exceed 5-10%, and long run increases by only 1-2 miles per week. Down weeks should be built in about every 2 weeks. Runs should be long and slow; no speed work.

Race Long Run TWM
Chgo/Twin 16m 35-45m
KC Half 6-10m 25-30m
KC Full 14-16m 30-45m
NY 12-14m 25-40m
Gobbler/Vegas Half 5-6m 20-25m
Gobbler/Vegas Full 10-12m 25-40m

Lower ranges are for novice runners and higher ranges are for experienced runners. Remember, in preparation for the season, you should increase your TWM no more then 5-10% per week. Novice runners should follow 5%.

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