Rock the Parkway Expo Volunteers

Personal Best will be manning a shared booth with Sport+Spine at Rock the Parkway's Expo next week and we've had several people volunteer. Thank you! If you've volunteered, please e-mail me a confirmation of the time you were able to help.

If you are available, we'd love to have you share your passion for the group with other runners as they pass through the expo. If you've taken the incredible strength training classes or have received awesome PT services at Sport+Spine, you can share those experiences too.

The expo runs two days:
Thursday April 12th 2-7:00
Friday April 13th 11-7:00

If you have a two hour block of time during any of those periods, contact us at Of course, there is always a little thank you in it for you too (haven't picked it out yet, but its usually worthwhile).