See no hill, feel no hill!

This Wednesday, March 14th is the start of our weekly speed work sessions. This week, we begin with hill repeats at Nall hill. Repeats increase strength and endurance and make running hills easier physically and mentally. Check your training schedule for details on your specific workout.

The following races are scheduled to begin hill repeats: Nashville, Garmin(Olathe), Rock the Parkway and Boston.

Meet at the base of the hill at Nall and Indian Creek Parkway. We are NOT meeting at Roe Park for hill repeats. You can park along Indian Creek Parkway between Nall and Lamar OR you can park in the lot where Indian Creek dead ends (E side of Nall). We will start with a 1 mile warm-up and plyometrics at 6:00 p.m.

Water will be provided. Please bring your own sports drink.