Injury Prevention

The biggest contributor to running injuries is not the running shoe, although many of us who suffer from overuse injuries wish it were so. It would be nice if we could simply buy new shoes and be off and running healthy again.

Sometimes shoes are a factor, especially if you make a sudden change to a very different kind of shoe without a transition period, but more often then not, it is something a bit more complicated and often times a combination of things.

The three biggest contributors to overuse running injuries are:
  • Training errors
  • Faulty biomechanics
  • Imbalances in strength and flexibility.
Once you sustain a running injury, you are at a high risk for re-injury, so prevention is key!
Injury Prevention Suggestions:
  • Train with a certified running coach with sound training programs that can be personalized to meet your specific needs.
  • Attend a Runner's 101 clinic hosted by a certified coach to learn more about safe training.
  • Have your running form assessed by a physical therapist who is trained to analyze running biomechanics and uses video analysis.
  • Have your strength, flexibility and movement assessed by a physical therapist.
  • Take strength training classes or 1:1 performance training to address weaknesses or dysfunctional movement patterns - preferably taught by a qualified professional who understands running.
Coach Amy is a certified running coach and licensed physical therapist who is also a runner! She is able to offer all of the above injury prevention services through Personal Best Running and Fitness and as a physical therapist at Sport+Spine.
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