FREE Winter Runs

FREE Winter Runs Start Dec. 3rd
Bring your friends - all runners welcome!

Bundle UP! Winter is here and our first off-season run starts Saturday, Dec. 3rd at Metro Walk and Run at 7:00 a.m. The remainder of the off-season runs, Dec. 10th.- Jan. 14, will start at Sport+Spine at 7:00 a.m. No run Dec. 24th.

Runs are FREE. Our courses will be flagged for up to 10 miles, maps provided and water on course every 2 miles.

How many miles should you be running this winter to be prepared for your spring race? Go here for a list of some mileage goals for local races and those that are supported by the PB spring 2012 training season.

To be included in e-mail reminders and to be notified if a run is cancelled due to inclement weather, please contact our FREE Run Coordinator, Doug Stinson