A running log? Blech! Who has time for that?

What good is a running log anyway?

A log can be very helpful in recognizing patterns that affect your running performance. They are useful in determining factors that may contribute to injury and also in assessing the efficacy of a particular training program.

These details are essential to professionals who help runners such as shoe fitters, running coaches, doctors and physical therapists.

A log can be basic or very detailed. Logs can include:
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • How you felt
  • Cross training activities
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • New shoes
  • Other things going on in your life (new job, divorce, illness)
There are lots of running logs to choose from. They vary widely from good old fashioned paper and pen or pre-printed bound booklets to fancy websites connected to mapping services and timing devices.

Many area runners and several PBrs are logging their mileage on a social network site for runners called Daily Mile. If you mention Personal Best runs and classes in your posts it helps promote PB too! Check out Daily Mile!