Training Schedules Fall 2011

Runners come in all shapes, sizes and speeds and much of this has to do with genetics. But luckily, training does help. The effects of training are different for each individual. One schedule may work better for your friend then it does for you.

Fortunately, there are many different training schedules that are successful in preparing runners for the demands of a half or full marathon. Personal Best is offering two different plans: Personal Best Vision and Personal Best Zone. Both schedules are acceptable for the novice to intermediate recreational runner and can be modified for the advanced competitive athlete. Either schedule is suitable whether your goal is to complete a half or full marathon for the first time, PR or qualify for Boston.

Last year the Vision and Zone schedules were presented in a calendar format separate from one another. This season, the two schedules appear on the same chart and differ only in the long run mileage.

Which one you choose is personal preference. Read the explanation of schedules before you make your choice. Click here for an explanation of the schedules and considerations to keep in mind.

Go forth and train!