The Running FUNnies

Running is for FUN!
At PB we take running seriously but we also believe running should be FUN and we know that many of you, no matter what your goals, enjoy the social aspect of running of with a group. Take a look at our fun runs for Fall 2011:

Meet and Greet
- we start out every season with the Meet and Greet. Your mission on this long run is to make a new friend. Come back to home base with a name and at least one interesting morsel of information about your newest buddy.

Hat Run - run in your favorite or funniest head piece. Best head topper receives a prize!

Predicted Time Run - leave your time piece at home and predict your time for this long run. Closest guess receives a prize.

photo by ennuipoet
Inside Out Run - inspired by a runner who dressed in the dark before a summer run and arrived at the group run with her shorts inside out! No names! Coach Amy. To celebrate running fun and making fun of yourself, wear your running gear inside out or your outsides in! Above picture is a photo from the Jamaica Underwear Run. Please do wear something under the insides, PB doesn't have a permit for us to run solely in our skivvies, yet...

Frighteningly Fit Costume Run - scare your running partners or make them laugh as we celebrate Halloween by running in costume.

More details on all these fun runs TBA