End of Season Party

Thanks for joining us this season! It started back in January when it was a bitter and cold and finished up in the steam of June, but you all made it through with some amazing results for all your dedication. Here is a look at a few things you did:
  • PR'd, placed in your age division, BQ'd
  • Completed a first half or full
  • Came back from injury
  • Ran for fun - 80's Rock Band, Margarita Madness, Who am I?
  • Breakfasted with PB friends after long runs on Saturday
  • Donated to causes - Cristy and Joplin
  • Flew at the Pig - our group trip to Cincy
  • Volunteered at HH and BRGR runs
  • Gained strength in Studio PB classes
  • Sped up and down Nall hill and around Roe Park
  • Attended fitness assessments to prevent injury
  • Attended Runner's 101 clinic
  • Learned about nutrition with Aaron Carbuhn
  • Learned to create goals with Melissa Todd
  • Lost fat and gained muscle
  • Created new friendships and nourished old ones

Bravo! We hope you will join us this fall as PB continues to grow!