Intervals Cancelled Due to Heat Advisory

photo by alycat

To0 HOT! Live to run another day.

The national weather service has issued a heat advisory for Johnson County this afternoon. The sudden increase in high temperatures combined with high humidity after relatively cool temperatures over the last few weeks put us at a high risk for heat related stress and illness. This is particularly dangerous for those who are participating in strenuous activities such as interval running.

If we'd been adapting to these temperatures over several weeks, we would likely be able to run with a decreased pace and longer recovery times, but we have not yet acclimated to these conditions. I encourage you to get out tomorrow or Thursday morning or afternoon/evening to get in your speed work as the weather service predicts cooler temperatures.

HH runners, your schedule is incorrect in the packet. The correct schedule is 2X400, 4X800, 2X400 with our usual warm-up and cool down. If you cannot fit in repeats, a nice alternative is a 3m tempo run with a mile warm-up and cool down. Contact Amy if you have any questions about your work out.