PB Rocks!

Mike F, Mendi, Erica, Allison, Dave, Jeff, Amy, Mike C. and Bob. Not pictured Mike B, Christie, Howie, Dee, Laurie, Dan, Tim, Jennifer and Rachael

PB runners, support staff and cheering section - you ROCK!

Congratulations to all the PB runners who ran RTP half and 10K this past Saturday. Woohoo!

Thank you PB cheering section! Mike C. said, "I want to express my great appreciation to all the current and former members of Personal Best who came out to support [RTP]. It was so encouraging to see members of the team cheering us on. Personal Best Rocks!"

A big thanks to the PB support staff who filled in for me at the race and the group run so that I could go to the funeral - David M., Doug, Laurie, Cris and Greg, you guys are the best.