Upcoming Fun Runs

Meet and Greet - your mission on this long run is to make a new friend. Come back to home base with a name and at least one morsel of information about your newest buddy.

Who am I? - find out what famous person is taped to your back! You will have to get help from other runners. No worries you've got many miles ahead of you to figure it out.

80's Rock Band - here is the challenge: pair your favorite running tights with the garb of your favorite 80's musician - think Madonna and Flock of Seagulls - yes, the hair counts. Best dressed wins a prize.

Margarita Madness - join us for a short evening run followed by Margaritas. Bring a friend!

Predicted Time Run - predict your time for this long run. Closest guess receives a prize.

Scavenger Hunt - find unique or not so unique items on the trail or off the trail as the case may be.

More details on all these fun runs TBA