Stay Running Fit this Winter with Personal Best!

Are your running shoes planning to hibernate all winter? Consider keeping them active and strapping on your Yak Trax instead. Join Personal Best for the Winter/Spring 2011 program to stay running fit and have fun with other running soles.

The Winter/Spring program starts Jan. 22, 2011 and free informal runs start Dec. 4th.

New additions: ladies night fun run, varying long run start times and hill repeats every other speed work session starting in March.

Why run outside over the winter*?
  • Significant running fitness is lost within as little as three weeks off.
  • Studies show that running on the road requires 30% more effort/energy then running on a treadmill. In other words, you will feel the difference when you go back to the road!
  • The biomechanics of running are not the same on the treadmill as the road. There is little cross over in training and the potential for injury when transferring back to the road.
  • The fresh air and the sun improves mood by helping you combat seasonal affective disorder.
What do other runners have to say about winter running? “I know that I would not have the discipline to get out of bed on a Saturday morning to run by myself in freezing temperatures. With a group I know there are people to run with who are expecting me to be there and I look forward to running with my friends.” -Allison B.

*Occasionally, conditions are impossible for running or too dangerous and in that case PB will cancel a run. A combination of treadmill running, relatively short distances on an indoor track and elliptical or stationary biking is an acceptable alternative.