Congratulations Kansas City Marathoners!

Congratulations to all thirty-two PB runners who participated in the half or full marathon on Saturday! Woo hoo! You did it!

Bob Boehm completed his 100th marathon. Click to see NBC Action News coverage of Bob.

Seth Meek, Kim Axtell and Ryan Grantham completed their first marathons.

Clint Behrns completed his first half marathon.

One of the most inspiring things about a marathon is witnessing fellow runners help each other whether its supporting someone for a few miles or an entire marathon. I saw and heard of several instances of PB runners on Saturday and last weekend at Chicago setting aside their own personal goals to help their fellow runners accomplish theirs. Now that is good form!

Thank you Laurie Leet, Chris Snooks, David Rios, Dan McDonald, Chris Porter, Allison Blanchard and Steve and Cynthia Hinman for helping Caleb and I at the 25.3 mile aid station to cheer the runners to the finish line and hand out fluids. Four hours of that and I left with a sore back, sticky Gatorade arms and legs, a sun burn and a new respect for the volunteers that work a marathon!

Bravo to all!