Run Safe!

From time to time all runners, veteran and new, can use a review of running safety. Here are a few tips.

1. Be seen. With runs starting in the early morning hours before sunrise, reflective gear is important so motorists and bicyclists can see you. Running stores and sporting good stores carry vests and other items that will light you up.

2. Run defensively. You've heard of driving defensively. Use those same principles when your pounding the pavement. Even though you are running against traffic, assume that drivers are texting, looking at their GPS, sleeping or knitting...and that they don't see you.

3. LOOK! Keep your eyes on the course. Watch for ice, slick spots, construction, pot holes, bear traps (wait that's for the trail) as well as cars. If you need to look at a map, program your Garmin, tie your shoe, or apply lipstick, stop and step off the course to a safe spot.

4. LISTEN! Keep your ears open - Take out those ear buds, clean out that wax, and turn up those hearing aids particularly on parts of a course that have blind spots for both you and a driver. For example, sharp turns and steep hills.

For more on running safety, see Safety and Emergency Procedures in your PB membership packet.

A safe run is a happy run!