Official Results of Ridiculous Riddles

For last week's long run, we had riddles to solve at each aid station. Here are the Ridiculous Riddles official results:

If I’m walking, then I must be running. However, if I’m running, I may be walking. What am I?

A Treadmill. One runner commented that a dog fits this answer.

The marathon man timed himself and found out that if he wore a bright white outfit he ran 20 miles in 80 minutes, but when he wore a dark outfit, he ran 20 miles in one hour and twenty minutes. What does this mean for his next race?

The outfit meant absolutely nothing for his next race, as 80 minutes equals an hour and twenty minutes. Who wrote this one? definitely not someone who runs - look at that time! One runner answered, "winning is what is meant for his next race."

What kind of running means walking?

Running out of gas.

In this race I will never lose, no matter the shape of your running shoes. Run all day, run all night. I promise still I will outlast your fight. I need no rest, no water, no food. I am sure I would like you; I'm not trying to be rude. So stop now while you're ahead. The only time you'll beat me is when you're dead. What am I?


If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?

Second place, not first. Now come on, be honest, you guessed first place didn't you?

What runs but doesn’t have legs?

A nose. A car works too, but isn't as icky.

Our next fun run is the predicted time run! Details TBA.