Training Schedule Information

Runners come in all shapes, sizes and speeds. Many factors play a role in successful running including intrinsic factors such as body type and genetic traits. These are harder and in some cases impossible to manipulate. We can impact extrinsic factors such as nutrition, psychology and training and this is where PB comes in!

There are many different training schedules that are successful in preparing runners for the demands of a half or full marathon. Personal Best plans are based on the exercise science principle of progressive overload and the philosophy that more is not better. Over the years, our training plans have evolved to keep up with the latest research on the science of running.

PB offers two training schedules per race. The two schedules appear on the same race training chart and differ primarily in the total weekly mileage and long run mileage. Read the Explanation of Training Schedules in your handbook before you choose a plan and before you begin training. 

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