Speed Work Details

Speed work is included with membership in the PB run program. Non-members may purchase speed work sessions separately. Please inquire. Speed work training includes a schedule and coaching. Fluids are provided.

Speed work sessions start a few weeks into the season after a base level of fitness has been built. Many runners believe this form of training is only appropriate for advanced runners. However, all levels of runners can benefit. Speed training develops improved running form, efficiency, power, raises anaerobic threshold, and trains fast twitch muscle fibers.

Depending upon training goals, speed work sessions may include:
  • Intervals
  • Hill repeats
  • Plyometrics
  • Pace runs
  • Fartleks
Fall 2012 Speed work sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings at Roe Park - with the exception of November sessions - these will be held indoors at Prairie Life for an additional charge. Please consult your packet for the speed work training schedules.