Meet our Support Staff

Bob has been a participant in Personal Best from its inception in 1993 and completed his hundredth marathon in October, 2010.

Doug has been running with Personal Best since 1993.

Greg is, “just trying to run two marathons a year for the rest of [his] life” and he knows, “PB will get me there.”

Back in 1996, Laurie started running with Personal Best and has “made some terrific friends… who make the miles pass more pleasantly” as she strives to complete a marathon in all fifty states before she turns sixty.

Amy has been with Personal Best since 2009 and has a passion for being healthy, fit, strong, and doing what she loves: Running! "The friends, encouragement, and support are what make running with Personal Best [a great experience for me]."

Howie looks forward to running with Personal Best every Saturday, and can usually be found at the back of the pack.

Cris has been running with Personal Best since 2003. He tries to run at least two marathons a year and his ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston.

David runs to stay fit and provides technical support, marks the course and cheers the PB runners.

Parker provides technical support for Personal Best.

Our youngest staffer, Spencer, wakes up long before the sun to help stake flags and mile markers for the course (not pictured)