Fun Run Details

Personal Best is serious when it comes to proper training and helping you achieve your fitness goals but we believe that we can fulfill that goal and have fun at the same time!

We participate in a variety of fun runs throughout each season. Some are part of our training runs and some are local races that we enter as a team! Click here to see what's Coming Fall 2012.

Samples of past fun runs include:
  • Run Lit - Come adorned in Christmas lights for an evening run.
  • Predicted Time Run - Predict your time for a long run. Closest guess receives a prize.
  • Vintage Apparel Run - Dress in vintage running gear. Best dressed receives a prize.
  • Meet and Greet - your mission is to make a new friend. Come back to home base with a name and at least one morsel of information about your newest buddy.
  • Trash Trot/Run - PB goes green with this run. Tie a very fashionable trash sack to your waist and beautify the city as you run. Prize for most interesting trash item collected. For 2010 this was a t.v.! Check out this trash collecting running group's website for a list of hilarious trash talk terms.
  • Frighteningly Fit - Care to scare the streets this Halloween? Prize for best costume. Click here for more pics of our costume run.
  • Brew to Brew
  • Color Run
Fun Run Picture Gallery:

80's Rock Band Run

Frighteningly Fit 2010

Run Lit 2010

Vintage Apparel Run 2009

Run Lit 2009