April at RRKC


It is going to Spring UP in KC, I assure you! RRKC has three Saturday group runs planned in April. There is no planned run on April 14th due to Rock the Parkway. We will post details on a pre-race group picture soon. 

Group run details are posted on the Events page of the RRKC website. Our April 21st group run is TBA - we are working on updating an old Corinth Square map from the days of yore. Melody is in town to race Garmin and we will be having a group breakfast meet up at Urban Table after the race and our training run that morning. So plan to stay or drop in if you can! 

To register for April go to https://www.roadrunnerskc.com/

Strength Class for Endurance Athletes Starts Wednesday - Registration OPEN!

IMG_0575 (3).JPG

Join us for eight weeks of endurance sport specific strengthening. Content created by physical therapist and running coach, Amy Parkerson-Mitchell and is designed for runners and triathletes.  This boot camp format class is led by former Jazzercise instructor, Jennifer Wolf. 

Classes held Wednesday nights 6:00-7:00 PM at CoachAmyPT clinic. Session starts March 5th. Class size is limited and almost full. Register HERE

Must be age 18 yrs. or older. This is an intermediate to advanced level class. Not recommended for beginners.

Speed, Training and Saturday Group Run Updates!


Thank goodness, we have survived the hardest part of winter - we may have a few more bad weather days, but well done peeps! You've hung in!!! 

Registration for March Saturday Group Runs is OPEN. Our runs will start from Shawnee Mission North High School. Start times vary between 6:30 and 7:00 AM depending upon the planned distance. Details and maps will be posted in Events on website by Friday, March 2. Register HERE. 

Those wanting a personalized running program for Spring, please allow a few weeks for development of plan once purchased. Those with a current plan wanting an extension, program update should be available within a week. Register HERE. 

Registration for Spring Speedwork Session is at capacity and CLOSED. Participants will receive detailed information tonight! The next opportunity will be this Fall :) 

Updates on Phoenix coming SOON. 

Run ON peeps!




Evolution of RRKC Speedwork 2018 - Registration Open

The goal of speedwork for the endurance athlete is to improve efficiency. This is accomplished by challenging the neuromuscular system with run specific drills and teaching the body to run fatigued with a VARIETY of high intensity workouts. 

RRKC speed work has evolved over the last few years to center around this philosophy. This year we are going to cater even more so to each individual athlete’s goals so not everyone will be doing exactly the same workout. In order to provide personalized attention, speed sessions are limited to a handful of athletes. 

Speedwork is for anyone wanting to improve efficiency, form, run strength and speed. It isn’t limited to those trying to PR or qualify for Boston. 

Our spring session is significantly longer than past sessions. It is 12 weeks long and begins March 6th. Workouts will take into account taper and recovery from races, so even if your race falls in the last 1/3 of this session, you will still benefit.  

Due to the necessity for daylight our first meet up on March 6th will start at 5:30 PM. All other sessions start at 6:00PM. Details for workouts are posted on the Events Page of the RRKC website. 

Registration is open. Go HERE to register for speedwork Spring 2018.

RRKC in February


"Whether the weather is fine, or whether the weather is not; whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot; we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!" -Unknown

Despite the cold and the wind, training is amping up for everyone in the month of February. RTP is only 10 weeks away! Welcome to spring training :) 

Spring full marathon folks, we climb up to 18 miles this month. It's hard to believe, but in order to include sound recovery weeks, which is an absolute necessity for the masters age athlete, then this is what's coming.

If you are needing a personalized training plan, it is not too late. Contact Coach Amy at info@roadrunnerskc.com. To register for personalized training plans go HERE.

Snow and ice could derail our plans, so as always, stay tuned the website. Coach Amy will be out of town on Saturday the 10th and Amy Stucky will stand in as run lead. 

Lastly, Coach Amy is leading a research project on the female endurance athlete. If you are a female endurance under 30 years or over 40+ years, not currently pregnant and have trained for an endurance event in the last year, we'd love to have your help. Contact Coach Amy at amy@coachamypt.com for more information. 

Details on Saturday group runs are in EVENTS. To register for February group runs, go HERE

Weather Alert

The map for this Saturday is finally up! Go to Events on the website to check it out. The forecast is calling for an effective temperature below zero. Please stay tuned to the website in the morning. We will post an update at 6:00 AM. If the run is on, be sure to dress for the weather - make sure all skin is covered, head is covered, two layers of gloves, wear layers and wind resistant top and gloves. Hopefully we see you tomorrow! 

Winter Training Checklist for Spring Race Success: It Starts Now!

IMG_4984 (1).JPG

January is here and so too is the critical winter training season for spring races. In order for success, you must start now. You will thank yourself in April when you are on the starting line!

It's really hard to get out there with the temps so frigid. And that wind! But RRKC has your back. Misery loves company and there is no better group of peeps than those at RRKC to hold you accountable despite the cold.

Here is your Winter Training Checklist:

  1. Join RRKC Saturday group runs. To register, go HERE.
  2. Determine your goals and develop your training plan. 
  3. Incorporate run specific strengthening.
  4. Learn how to dress for winter running success.

Registration for RRKC winter group runs is OPEN! For details on the January runs, go to our EVENTS page.

Need Coach Amy to help you with a personalized training plan?  Go HERE to register for a plan. Two weeks lead time is usually needed to create a custom plan. Choose the months between now and your race. As soon as you complete the registration process, contact Coach Amy: info@roadrunnerks.com. 

Phoenix Winter II Strength Training begins Tuesday Jan. 2nd. Class is SOLD OUT. A wait list is available at amy@coachamypt.com if you are interested. If you would like a home program to work on your specific weaknesses, we recommend a 1:1 physical therapy session with Coach Amy. Go to coachamypt.com to schedule an appointment. These are held at the CoachAmyPT clinic.

Cold Weather Running

Remember, RRKC does not hold group runs if the effective temperature is below 0 degrees, course conditions are icy or visibility is poor due to excessive snowfall. If weather is inclement, stay tuned to the website. If we have to cancel a run, we usually try to post an hour prior to the start of a run when possible. 

For information on how to dress properly for winter running check out our post: Dressing for Winter Running Success.