Personalized Coaching

Run safely and maximize your performance with a custom training plan developed by Coach Amy, a certified running coach and physical therapist. Coach Amy creates a dynamic and evolving plan that is unique to you. She works with each athlete to develop short-term and long-term goals. Each plan considers your goals, personal lifestyle, as well as your running history, including prior injuries.

Your plan is dynamic as Coach Amy adapts it on a weekly and seasonal basis depending on your progress and performance. She uses the Training Peaks platform to upload your customized workouts each week which include specific instructions on how to do each one. Within Training Peaks, Coach Amy will analyze the data, provide comments on your workouts and tweak your plan as you go along. She maintains consistent communication on a weekly basis and is always available to her athletes via email and text.

There are two tiers to choose from.

Tier I: $90/mo. Personalized Coaching. Subscription only.

Tier II: $150/mo. Personalized Coaching including race planning and strategy as well as personalized workout prescriptions geared towards power and speed. Recommended for runners with specific pace and race time goals. Subscription only.

Limited spots are available for both tiers of personalized coaching. Contact Us prior to registering.

Automatic monthly payments start with your first month payment. Your credit card will be charged on the first of each month until you tell us to cancel. Select Personalized Coaching at checkout. To buy now, please Contact Us. Link to purchase will be updated soon. To cancel your subscription, contact billing one month prior.

Run Evaluation 

40 minutes @ $150.00

This is a thorough evaluation of running gait, run shoes and run specific strength and mobility for those looking for tips to improve run technique, efficiency and reduce risk of injury. Schedule Run Evaluation.

A run evaluation is NOT for those with an existing injury or pain with running. Do you fall in that camp? We recommend you schedule a NEW Patient Evaluation and Treatment instead.